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Our holistic approach to security management begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s internal business processes. By asking three critical questions -
  What are you protecting?
  What are you protecting it from?
  How are you presently protecting it?

By marrying the answers to your operational requirements, we are able to develop security programs that enhance, rather than hinder, operations and productivity.  

The elements of this approach ultimately lead to a Security Master Plan, a comprehensive multi - year document and business plan that articulates the threat-risk assessment results. We then provide recommendations and implementation of mitigation strategies in the areas of Operational, Physical, and Electronic Security. These efforts justify and support the investment in a security program.

EPA can provide each of the elements of Security Master Planning:

Evaluation and Planning Services
•    Threat Risk Analysis
•    Vulnerability Assessment
•    Business Continuity Planning

Design and Install Services
•    Security Systems Evaluation and Assessment
•    Product Evaluation
•    Conceptual Design Planning
•    Detail Systems Design including CAD / Tender Ready Specifications
•    Installation Project Management
•    System Commissioning
•    As Built Drawings
•    Document Control
•    Systems Training Development (Operator, Administrator, Maintenance)

Support Services
•    Security Awareness Training (Employee and Management)
•    Security Policy and Procedure Development re:
o    Information Handling
o    Personnel Screening
o    Emergency Preparedness
o    Facility Access
o    Key Control
o    Provisioning and De-Provisioning
o    Visitor and Contractor Control
o    Incident Reporting